Frequently asked questions

Q: Is it worth upholstering my furniture?


A: Yes, if you like your furniture, we can restore it to 'as new' condition.

Q: How long do orders take to complete?


A: Your order will take 4 to 6 weeks, starting from the day we receive your deposit.

Q: Can I supply my own fabric?


A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I buy fabric by the METER?


A: Yes. Regular ordering times apply, as fabric is not kept in stock.

Q: How do I get my FURNITURE To the store?


A: We offer a transport service to and from the store. Costs will vary depending on location and size of the item, $50 to $100.

Customers can pickup/deliver from the store during opening hours. If you need assistance with lifting your furniture, please call ahead of time to arrange for a staff member to help.

Q: how do I choose a fabric/leather?


A: We recommend that you first visit our showroom to view our fabric library and furniture displays. Our in-store designer will help you select the right fabric for your furniture. Trained in interior design and with over 7 years experience in the furniture industry.

Q: How long will i be without my furniture?


Q: what's the process for a REUPHOLSTERy order?


A: Depending on the difficulty of the job, anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks.